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You’re Lookin’ Good Momma!


 The View From A Stranger After you give birth to a baby it becomes hard to love your body. Maybe your stomach sticks out a little more. Maybe your boobs hang a little lower. Or maybe you just no longer have time to dress up and put on your “face”. […]


The BEST Lactation Cookies


 From the beginning, I’ve always had a low milk supply. One thing that I noticed helped was these delicious lactation cookies! They involve a lot of ingredients, but I promise you won’t regret making them. THEY ARE AMAZING. There are some great milk producing ingredients including rolled oats, brewers yeast, […]


My Birth Story


    One question that a lot of moms get after having a baby is, “How was your labor?”, and “How was the delivery?”. Then of course, you have the more detailed questions such as, “Did you have an epidural?”, “Did you tear?”. Well as I begin this journey into […]